Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to Choose an Executive Search Firm

  • Does the Executive Search Firm fully understand your industry, your organization, your business, your technology, your challenges and your environment?
  • Does the Executive Search Firm have the right experience to handle your assignment?
  • Will the Executive Search Firm give your search top priority and handle the assignment in a timely manner?
  • Will the Executive Search Consultant be a credible and professional ambassador for your organization?
  • Will the search assignment be handled by the firm's best people?
  • Does the Executive Search Firm provide a full range of services to you including candidate screening, reference checking, providing a detailed profile as well as resume on each candidate, arranging interviews, coordinating candidate travel for interviews, assisting with negotiating offers, etc.?
  • Can the Executive Search Firm provide an unbiased market compensation evaluation for the position you are seeking?
  • Will the Executive Search Firm assure you of necessary confidentiality with regard to company information or sensitive human resources issues?
  • Are the fees charged by the Executive Search Firm comparable to industry standards and is there a guarantee associated with each placement for a set period of time?
  • Does the Executive Search Firm offer a choice of types of searches customized to meet your organization’s needs for each type of search assignment?
  • Are you comfortable with the Executive Search Firm’s approach to your search?