Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Search Process

At telecom connections the Executive Search process is adjusted according to the type of search conducted and to the particular desires and needs of each client company. However, these are the general steps we take as we proceed with a search for a client company:


We work with our clients to solidify the profile of the position to be searched. We jointly determine:

  • Job responsibilities
  • Reporting structure
  • Competencies required for the candidate to be successful in the position
  • Information regarding the geographic location for the position
  • Compensation, benefits, perquisites

We can establish from interviews with key client executives a clear understanding of:

  • The culture of the client company
  • Its business goals and objectives
  • Company products and services and pertinent technology
  • Competitors
  • Any unique challenges associated with the position to be searched


Once there is agreement on the essential position profile, we can:

  • Establish a target list of companies from whom likely candidates may be recruited
  • Add any specific candidates whom our client wishes us to approach
  • Perform a search of our online databases for established contacts within the telecommunications industry to seek out nominations of potential candidates
  • Directly contact potential candidates within target list companies to explore any indication of interest, as well as to seek referrals to potential candidates
  • Unless confidentiality prohibits, the position profile will also be posted at selected online locations
  • Interview and screen all potential and interested candidates
  • Our interview questions are tailored not only to evaluate candidate skill sets, but also how they think, act and communicate


  • We present our client company with an initial selection of prospective candidates who have indicated an interest in the position on a confidential basis
  • The client evaluates the credentials of these prospective candidates and provides feedback to us
  • Those candidates deemed potentially suitable to our client will be interviewed in depth for a mutually agreeable fit for the position
  • Those candidates who are determined to be the closest match will be recommended to the client for consideration
  • Candidates chosen by the client for a client interview will be given a confidential preliminary background check and reference screen by us prior to the interview
  • Affirmation of serious interest on the part of the candidate will also be determined
  • We will facilitate arranging the client interview, including travel if necessary
  • We will solicit feedback immediately after the interview from both the candidate and the client.


Ideally, our client company should have only needed to see a limited number of candidates since the preliminary work done by us should have narrowed the field to the best matches for the position.

  • We encourage our client to identify at least the top two candidates interviewed whom the client deems worthy of serious consideration
  • We communicate to the candidates that there is serious interest and verify that the interest is reciprocal
  • We advise non-selected candidates of their status in the search
  • For final candidates we can perform an in-depth reference check including a 360 degree assessment of previous managers, peers and subordinates
  • The assessment is based on the previously agreed competencies for the position to verify that there is a good fit and can be customized to specific client requests
  • Our client’s name is never disclosed during the assessment and reference checking process
  • We can provide a written report for the client on all finalist candidates indicating the points which match or do not match the position profile and competencies
  • Candidates’ strengths/weaknesses can be highlighted to assist in the decision to extend an offer of employment.


When our client is ready to extend an employment offer, we can serve in a variety of roles according to client preferences:

  • We can provide more specific information to the candidate on company benefits, incentive package, promotion opportunities, relocation policy and relocation related issues (cost-of-living, real estate, schools, spousal employment, etc)
  • The written employment offer is extended by the client and we can assist in any way necessary to negotiate a mutually agreeable package and conclusion


After the candidate commences employment with our client, we will:

  • Follow up with our client company and the newly employed executive/manager to help assimilate him/her into the culture of the company and determine if there are any initial issues about which the client company may not be aware
  • We will stay in touch with the client to monitor progress of the individual placed in the company during the guarantee period and periodically thereafter